“I’m not gonna sit here in silence. I’m taking back my power.” ‘Shadows’, Alana Joanne vs. Connor Jones

Authentic, spellbinding and with a live show to die for. There really is no match for an artist with something to say. In every respect, pop/R&B luminary Alana Joanne has it covered.

She’s no stranger to life’s journey either. Hailing from Noarlunga, South Australia, Alana made Melbourne her home in 2014. A staunch believer in the power of music to move and inspire, she does - through her songwriting and gift for cutting lyricism - send messages of hope to those without a voice of their own. Pair this motivation with Alana’s disarming sense of musicianship and you have an artist whose output is a true force to be reckoned with.

Blending soaring, pitch-perfect vocals with a brand of beat-making that both honors and extends a rich lineage of R&B artists, the Alana Joanne sound is uniquely her own. Effortless, pop-infused melodies and perfectly measured instrumentation weave amongst a spacious and crisply produced palette of guitars, synthesisers and modular strings. If Lady Gaga, Kesha and Amy Lee made a pact to encourage the next generation of pop musicians through song, there’s no doubt we’d be some way to understanding the weight and importance of Alana’s contribution to music in Australia.

Teamwork is the centrepiece of Alana’s art. A follow-on from 2018’s debut EP FearLess, her hit collaboration with rising hip hop artist, Connor Jones, ‘Shadows’ made waves on local and national platforms alike when it was released in February 2019. As Alana works towards multiple new release due out in 2020, it’s clear that this extraordinarily self-motivated artist has plenty of love to give.

It is, in fact, Alana’s keen sense of giving that’s at the core of what makes her work so special. Uniting her songwriting skills with her committed advocacy of wellbeing and self-expression.

“The stage is my home, but at the core of it, I make music to give people something to believe in,” she says.